Barrel Racing

There is no championship, no big buckle to win, no crowd in the grandstands, but across the US barrel racers gather together to hone their skills and engage in some friendly competition. Tonight, is a Thursday night at Ingalls Equestrian Event Center and riders from all over the area have come out to race. Ingalls draws a fairly large crowd seeing as it is in "Horsetown USA" better known as the City of Norco. 

I generally only cover larger events, but it seemed like it might be a good opportunity to capture some grassroots enthusiasts enjoying some time in the area, so I stopped by. One awesome thing about the Barrel Racing Community is that no matter what skill level or how nice your truck is, most everyone is there to encourage each other, coach new riders, and truly enjoy the sport. Enjoy the photos below and share your own barrel racing photos and stories with us on the Cassidy Magazine Facebook Page

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