Farmers Dating is a new dating app, developed by, designed specifically with single farmers in mind. The app seeks to become the leading dating app for people looking to meet and connect with country singles.

"There's a serious gap in mainstream dating apps that cater specifically to farmers and people from rural communities," explains Madeline Zeidman, spokesperson for Farmers Dating. "What we know is that many dating apps offer an extremely wide net of potential matches, aimed at quantity over quality, where, ideally, endless swipes means endless opportunities. That can make it difficult to find meaningful matches if a person is intentionally seeking a certain type of person."

Zeidman says that this gap was just the opportunity Farmers Dating was looking for. "We've seen dating apps for people with ultra-specific tastes, but nothing noteworthy for single farmers, and that's what we've set out to create: a place for single farmers and those looking to date a farmer to meet and find love."

"With over 6 million members, has already done a great job connecting farmers and people who understand the farmer lifestyle. Today's phone users are spending almost all of their total mobile time inside apps. We're seeking to make the process of dating and connecting with single farmers as simple as possible, and that means following where users are spending their time."

Farmers Dating is a Tinder-style dating app which allows users to log in and create a profile using Facebook or a mobile number. Users are then asked a series of questions about partner preferences and personal info. Preferences such as whether a user is seeking men or women, or both, occupation, religion, and education level are just some of the prompts to set up a profile.

"What we've done is create a safe place that honors and respects the lifestyles and honest desires of farmers, cowboys, cowgirls and anyone looking for a partner, but hasn't found them yet, and hasn't found the right app to meet like-minded people.

New to the market, Farmers Dating has already garnered over 200 favorable reviews on the App Store and the number is still increasing.

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Farmers Dating is available now on iOS and in the Google Play Store.