Wedding Trends 2015

2015 is the year of the individual. Weddings are completely centered around the couple and sharing their personalities. Themes are based around their interests and current trends.  Many wedding trends follow what is in vogue within the fashion world.   What are some of your favorite styles?  Have you given thought as how to bring their special elements into your wedding?

Minimalistic Chic
With so many rustic wedding concepts available, it is easy to incorporate one too many ideas.  When too many ‘props' are used, the wedding theme can almost become overwhelming.   Brides are leaning towards a more streamlined, minimalistic approach. Instead of multiple mason jars, think spare but meaningful decorations such as a vintage photograph of your parents wedding.  The bare industrial look is a real hit with brides and grooms alike.
Simple but fun details:
  • Red brick walls
  • Industrial lighting
  • Unfinished wood tables
  • Unique touches (e.g. cement block podiums, old theater lights)

Bohemian Chic
In keeping with fashion's 70s revival, many brides are selecting dresses with a retro feel.  If you want to be truly authentic, stop by your favorite vintage shop or a family member's attic.  Well-trusted dry cleaners should be able to offer restoration, which provides heirlooms a new life.  Grooms are not to be forgotten.  Let him have his moment.  Colored suits are fun and a welcome addition.  Earth tones work beautifully within a Bohemian wedding theme.  Ladies, don't forget your floral headpieces.
The Bohemian gown details:
  • Sweet, homemade appearance
  • Looser silhouettes
  • Lace, high collars and petticoat layers
  • Off-the-shoulder 

Garden Party
Inspired by the Royals and Downton Abbey?  The elegant garden party is the perfect way to incorporate spring's freshness and high society's formality.   This wedding is centered on color.   Complimentary colors can be bold and bright or soft pastels.  Garden parties are a perfect setting to bring together delicate details and nature's very own beauty.
Garden party details:
  • Lace dollies
  • Old fashioned china
  • Wooden hewn tables and benches.

Live it Up
For the glam brides reading this, do not worry.  The luxury wedding is still very much popular.  Even the most luxurious wedding can incorporate some of nature's elements.   Extravagant receptions often have unique features such as a local artist capturing a couple's magical moments right then and there on canvas.  There truly are no limits (or budget).

The perfect pair:
  • Indoor trees with elaborate hanging floral arrangements
  • Color and sparkle
  • Candles and artificial, mood lighting

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