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My recent trip to Kyoto was an amazing adventure. It was my first time in that city and while many traditional hotels are avaliable, a new breed of boutique hostels offer an attractive affordable alternative, so I thought I would check one out. By the way this is not a sponsored post and they didn't know I planned on writing a review.

The Piece Hostel Sanjo, is in the heart of Kyoto, just a few blocks from the river walk, restaurants, shopping and parks. I had not stayed in a hostel for a number of years, but this is not your backpacker hostel with old bunk beds and one shower. It is a clean modern establishment with friendly staff, great facilities, and great free wifi.

The rooms are fresh, well designed and clean. There are options for private and family rooms as well as 4-10 person dormitories with bunk boxes. They do also offer all female dormitories for female travelers who prefer not to share a room with men.

Each morning breakfast is served, this being a hostel means that you wash your dishes when you are done, it's not much of a chore, but just be prepared for it. The showers are private and large by Japanese standards and the laundry room is modern and has a number of machines.

4 Person Room

Each dormitory is only accessible to the guests staying in that room and for added security each bunk gets it's own large locker for valuables. If you are taking a road trip there is a pay by the hour parking lot across the street, if you took the train like we did, I recommend renting bicycles as a great way to get around the city.

Ranging from $29-90 a night depending on the type of room you select and the dates, the Piece Hostel Sanjo offers great value. The staff is also helpful with directions, pointing out local festivals, and they offer bag storage on the day of checkin and checkout so you can enjoy the city without hauling your luggage around.

In the basement is a lounge/bar called Drip & Drop that serves coffee, beer, and a daily menu of light meals, if you don't feel like going out. Overall I have to say the Piece Hostel Sanjo changed my opinion on hostels in general and is a great choice for a solo traveler or groups.

For more information or to book your your own stay visit their official website HERE 

Bunk in 10 person room

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