Clair Kehrberg brings to life the spirit of the American West through her beautifully handcrafted leather designs.  Elegantly hand tooled leather saddles, western chaps and chinks, handbags, fashion accessories, cowboy art and home décor are Clair’s specialties.   Each  unique piece is designed and hand made by Clair Kehrberg.  Curly fringed chinks come to life in the arena and on the runway.  Stylishly hand tooled  leather belts turn heads on the street.   Skillfully designed home décor items are the topic of conversations in the living room. 
“My Bronc Belt” is inspired by the Cowgirls of the 1930’s, when they were still riding rough stock. It is a modern version of the bronc belts that they wore during their rodeo evens, and were often given as awards for winning an event.  It is classy and BOLD.  Wearing this belt brings nostalgic thoughts of the Old West and a sense of buoyancy. 
“Maxamillion” the Steer is inspired by a trip to Texas.  The longhorn skull has a striking shape and is rich with American Western history.  The plaque behind Maxamillion is hand carved in richly colored leather.  There is a beautiful herd of cattle bottom center on the plaque and a few renegades hiding in the carving.  As a cattle rancher myself, I had to include a few renegades. 
“Vintage Americana” briefcase was inspired by vintage America, the lifestyle in the 40’s and 50’s, and vintage tattoos.  It is approximately 18” x 13” x 4” in size and features a radiant floral/ stripes design with a large five point star center and a banner that reads “America the Beautiful” on one side and “Stars and Stripes Forever” on the other side.  The sides of the briefcase are adorned with decorative knife cuts and stars.  Inside is one large folder pocket, four smaller pockets and some pen holders.  The hinges and sash lock are cast iron from the late 1800’s.
 Currently for sale and on display at the Western Folk Life Center in Elko, NV

“South Western Cross” is a beautiful piece.  With the gracefully hand carved leather and unique South Western Concho it will dress up any room in the house.   

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