The Ultimate Power Wagon

Produced from 1945 through 1980 the original Dodge Power Wagon is a legend in all around toughness, perfect for the ranch, farm, or off road adventure the classic Power Wagons have long been collector’s items. But with the last new Power Wagon being sold over 30 years many have been parked to rust away in behind a barn or in a field forgotten to time. But that is where Jackson Wyoming based Legacy Classic Trucks stepped in, they don’t just restore these classics, they reengineer them from the ground up adding modern amenities.
These new Power Wagons leave the factory with a modern Cummings Turbo-Diesel engine, 5 speed manual or 4 speed automatic transmission, front and rear locking differentials coupled to an Atlas transfer case. The body is restored to better than new condition, repainted, and then over 200 hours is invested into the custom leather interior. They come with four wheel disc brakes, power steering, modern three point seatbelts, and of course air-conditioning. Depending on options a Legacy Power Wagon can set you back well over $100,000.

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