Fraulein Boot Company

Fraulein Boot Company

by Staff - Photos Via Fraulein Boots

 When the COVID-19 pandemic left San Antonio sisters Sarah Caruth and Margaret Walker with some unexpected free time, they recognized a need for stylish cowboy boots among women and decided to embark on a mission to fulfill it.

Caruth found herself unemployed due to the pandemic, and her husband encouraged her to start her own business. So, in the spring of 2021, she approached her sister Margaret and invited her to join the venture. With Walker's son soon heading off to college, she was eager to embrace something new and exciting.

The dynamic duo, driven by their shared passion, embarked on designing a range of boot styles. Their creations beautifully incorporated elements like daisies and butterflies, paying homage to vintage cowboy boot designs. The color palette they chose was vibrant and enchanting, a nod to the past with a modern twist, epitomized by the timeless turquoise shade. Additionally, they delighted in selecting new emblems inspired by the fauna of the United States, such as the swift and spirited roadrunner. To ensure the utmost quality, Walker and Caruth meticulously handpicked the finest leather available, knowing that the feel of the boot was just as important as its aesthetic.

Fraulein Boot Company

Collaborating closely as sisters, Walker and Caruth bounced ideas off each other, reveling in their harmonious agreement. Being only three years apart in age, the business journey brought them even closer, deepening their bond as they meticulously sketched and brainstormed in their shared spiral notebooks.

Fraulein Boot Company's boots were designed and sold in Texas and various other locations across the United States. After an extensive search, the founders found a remarkable manufacturing partner in Rios of Mercedes, a family-owned bootmaker from Mercedes, Texas, with a legacy spanning 160 years. Together, they transformed the sisters' visions into reality. When it came time to christen their company, Walker was struck by the 1950s song "Fraulein," written by Lawton Williams and sung by Bobby Helms. This nostalgic melody held a special place in their hearts, as it was a favorite of their late father's—a cherished memory from their teenage years. It felt like the perfect fit and an ideal tribute to their father, who favored cowboy boots, running shoes, and flip-flops over dress shoes.

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In October 2021, Fraulein boots made their debut at the Round Top antiques show. Caruth and Walker arrived armed with samples in every size, allowing potential customers to try them on and place preorders. The success of their initial inventory meant that future Round Top shows would showcase readily available boots, eliminating the need for preordering.

Philanthropy was a core value for the founders of Fraulein Boot Company. They actively supported Farm Aid, reminiscing about the concerts they attended in their younger years. Both sisters were ardent fans of Willie Nelson, one of the founders of the fundraiser, and held a deep appreciation for country music. To Caruth and Walker, there was no better way to give back than by supporting the farmers who nourish our society with their bountiful harvests.

Word began to spread about Fraulein boots, whether through social media or connections forged by shared interests. At a recent Farm Aid show attended by the sisters, they were inspired by Margo Price's empowering stage presence and her fierce "hear me roar" mentality. Delighted by the opportunity, they gifted Price a pair of their boots, which she proudly wore on tour. The sighting of Fraulein boots on the feet of Carly Pearce, a CMA's rising female artist, further elevated the reputation of Fraulein Boot Company.

Fraulein Boot Company flourished, offering its boots along with vintage belts, logo caps, and bandanas through online platforms, pop-up shops, and various retailers across the country. Yet, for Caruth and Walker, nothing compared to the magic that unfolded when they met customers face to face. The joy of engaging in heartfelt conversations, witnessing the sparkle in someone's eyes as they tried on the boots, and hearing stories of how the boots became an extension of their unique style meant the world to the entrepreneurial sisters.

Fraulein Boot Company

In their quest to provide more options for women's cowboy boots, Caruth and Walker succeeded beyond their expectations. Along the way, they redefined the notion of fashion for strong Texas women, showcasing that it could be bold, vibrant, and empowering. Fraulein Boot Company became not just a symbol of style but also a testament to the unwavering spirit of two sisters who dared to turn their passion into a thriving business.

As the sun sets on another chapter of their remarkable journey, Caruth and Walker remain grateful for the support they received, the relationships they forged, and the countless feet that now tread confidently in their Fraulein boots. With each step, they continue to leave an indelible mark on the world of fashion, embodying the spirit of their late father and his love for boots. And in the hearts of Texas women, Fraulein Boot Company has become an enduring symbol of strength, style, and sisterhood.

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