Legendary Cowgirls: Hazel Walker and Babe Lee

Legendary Cowgirls: Hazel Walker and Babe Lee

Hazel Walker and Babe Lee were two of the most talented trick riders of their time, and they performed together at the Pendleton Round-Up rodeo in Oregon during the 1920s and 1930s.

Trick riding was a popular rodeo event that involved performing daring stunts on horseback, such as standing on the horse's back or jumping from one horse to another while they were in motion. It required a combination of skill, athleticism, and courage, and Hazel and Babe were among the best in the business.

Hazel Walker was born in Texas in 1901 and began trick-riding at a young age. She quickly became known for her daring stunts and her ability to perform them with grace and style. In 1924, she was invited to perform at the Pendleton Round-Up, where she met Babe Lee.

Babe Lee, whose real name was Betty Jacobsen, was born in Montana in 1908. She was also a talented trick rider, and she and Hazel quickly formed a partnership. They began performing together at rodeos all over the country, thrilling audiences with their daring and acrobatic stunts.

Legendary Cowgirls: Hazel Walker and Babe Lee

At the Pendleton Round-Up, Hazel and Babe were a crowd favorite. They performed together for several years, wowing audiences up and down the west coast with their synchronized riding and their ability to perform complex stunts while riding at high speeds.

Hazel and Babe's legacy lives on today. They were trailblazers for women in the rodeo world, and their skill and courage continue to inspire trick riders and cowgirls around the world. In 1986, they were both inducted into the National Cowgirl Museum and Hall of Fame, cementing their place in rodeo history.

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