Horse Blankets What to Look For

by Johnson Paul 

Ask any horse lover and you will hear myriad views on whether to blanket your horse or not. You will also receive many different viewpoints on why you need to choose one particular plan and follow it faithfully. There are a few things that need to be taken into account if you do indeed plan on investing on a blanket for your four-legged companion. If your horse is not used to the cold weather then it is always better to have turnout blankets for horses handy. It helps them ward off any sudden nip in the air and also to protect them from falling ill due to lower temperatures.

Choose Your Blankets Carefully

The type of blanket you use for your horse makes a huge difference if you need it year- around.Turnout blankets for horses are thicker than other types of blankets; usually packed with an extra layer of fill. These can be really useful if your horse is outside in the elements or tethered in a pasture most of the time. They also come in thick weatherproof materials which means these can be used without any problems during wetter climes too. Of course in order to make it more comfortable, you will need to get them properly fitted beforehand.

Factor in the Comfort Level

If your horse is housed in the barn or is rarely kept outside for longer periods of time then the best covering you can choose would be stable blankets for horses.Unlike the thicker coverings, these are lightweight and airy. They will not help your horses during a rain or cold climates, but they can be an excellent material to protect against insect bites or to make it more comfortable during the night. These are made from breathable materials and can also help keep your horse clean at all times.

The Right Color and Style

Like any other type of covering, stable blankets for horses will need to be finalized once you get the right measurements. The blanket needs to be comfortably fitted to be of any use to the horse. So get your animal measured so that the right style and size of the blanket can be chosen easily for them. If you are buying these for the very first time, you will also need to understand the different designs available before you make the right decision. There are numerous different colors and styles like closed front or open front, a nose to tail blanket or one that simply covers the whole body.

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