Six Natural Hair Care Tips

by Minkie Martin

The blissful dream of having long, healthy, and strong tresses is an innocent desire shared by every woman! And why not, after all, we all have grown up reading the fantastic tale of Rapunzel- the story of a girl with magnificent hair. But, needless to say, the dream kicks a fierce battle in the face of reality. So if you want to restore the element of strength in your hair (with all those natural methods) then read and follow the below-written tips.

Make your diet nutritious:
Our body gets energy from the food we consume! Eat nutritious food, drink lot of water, keep yourself hydrated, eat green, love salads and introduce healthy fruits in your daily diet. This initiative will keep your hair healthy and strong. For instance, Vitamin A is the best source for healthy hair- you can eat carrots and green vegetables for the same.

Be careful with hair treatments:
You are using Directions Hair Dye, and this is absolutely fine - the problem starts with a reluctant attitude and a lazy approach. Use chemicals in the safest way for not spoiling the growth of your hair. Oil your hair regularly and follow all the instructions (while dying hairs) in a systematic way.

Say no to dandruff and dust:
Dust and dandruff have damaging effects in hair! The best way to avoid hair damage is through regular conditioning- use aloe vera extracts, coconut/castor/olive oil, white egg, bottled gourd juice, yogurt with honey, and baking soda for protecting your hair in a natural manner. Wash your hair with lukewarm water rather than with too-cold or too-hot water.  It will safeguard the tips of your hair against damage.

Wash your Hair twice a week:
Dirt has nothing healthy to offer! It doesn't mean that you should preferably take head wash on the daily basis, but the idea of cleanliness should be a concern for you. When it comes to head wash, make a routine and stick to it. For healthy hair, it is important to keep your head scalp oil-free and clean.

Have a sound sleep:
A stressful mind is potentially dangerous for the growth and health of hair. It is vital to have a sound peaceful sleep for sustaining the constant development in your beautiful locks. Loosen your hair before sleeping- never tie them too hard or tight, because this will make them vulnerable to rupture. Most people prefer taking bath/head wash before sleeping. It is a good exercise for a sound and comfortable sleep. Make sure you are not combing your hair when they are wet.

Apart from these tips, also take care of your mental health! Think well, feel good, eat healthy, smile often, and remember- you are beautiful the way you are.

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