How To Choose A Summer Horseback Riding Camp

By: Karen Parker 

This story is written for the novice.

Going to a horseback riding camp is one of the most exciting ways to spend a vacation. There are a number of training centers that offer equestrian camps for kids, adults and families where they teach horsemanship. However, there are some important considerations that need to be made when choosing the right camp and the instructor.

No matter what type of horseback riding camp you are going to attend, you should be provided with experienced staff members, instructors and well trained horses. These instructors have an abundance of knowledge about horses and horseback riding and aim at providing you with the right skills to perfect your riding ability. Many horseback riding camps not only teach riding but also offer courses in showing, dressage, grooming, jumping and barrel racing. They also provide training in handling and caring for horses.

  • The very first thing to decide when selecting a camp is the style of riding that you want to learn, English or Western. Western style is the style that cowboys and rancher are known for, activities like trail riding, barrel racing, and rodeo are all done in the western style. English riding focuses on events like  jumping, fox hunting, and showing.

  • When selecting a horseback riding summer camp, other choices present themselves, like the style and location of camp. From destination camps that are on remote guest ranches in Colorado or Exotic Islands to a local day camp that is in your community make sure you select the camp that fits your lifestyle and budget. 

  • Safety is the most important aspect in horseback riding, so be sure to wear a helmet and check your equipment each time.

You can start your search for your summer equestrian camp here.

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