Rodeo Girls: An interview with Darcy LaPier

We had a chance to interview Darcy LaPier star of A&E's new reality show "Rodeo Girls" for our current print issue of Cassidy Magazine, below are some highlights from our time with Darcy. Rodeo Girls premieres on A&E on December 11th at 11 EST and December 12th at 10 EST.

CD: Have you always been interested in the rodeo lifestyle?

DL: I had grown up in rural Oregon around horses and rodeos, so I was always around it. After moving back to my hometown from Los Angeles I went to a rodeo with my dad and I saw women’s barrel racing. These fast horses and hot women came running out around the arena, the pageantry was exciting, and I thought, “Wow, I want to do that.” So I found a really good trainer, I’d train, learning barrel racing and rodeo and how to ride. How to put protective gear on a horse, saddle a horse, ride a horse. Before then I didn’t know anything about competitive riding. After about seven months I started placing and winning in rodeos.

CD: How has your involvement with horses and barrel racing changed your life?

DL: What led me to barrel racing was I moving home to Oregon, my husband had passed away and I needed a change. I was broken and I needed to heal. Learning how to ride competitively requires so much focus, it allowed me to push out grief and feelings of loss and rediscover myself. Before all of this you would find me in Malibu and Beverly Hills, now you'll find me racking up 40,000 miles + a year with my truck and trailer competing at events all over the US.

CD: What do you hope to achieve with your new show "Rodeo Girls"?

DL: I want my story to inspire, some people think that this is just a TV show, but I have the scars to prove otherwise. The rodeo life is hard, it took me down a road to healing and truly became my passion. I want to show everyone that if you chase your dreams you can achieve them. Even getting this show on the air was hard work, I went to two different companies who did not see the vision. I wanted my story to shine a light on the rodeo and the story had to be told in a real way. A&E also got this vision. “Real life, real drama.” Sure there are catfights, jealousy, all the things that happen in life.

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