Pictorial: Life on Nicaragua's Frontier

I spent a week deep in the jungles of Nicaragua, in the heart of the Miskito tribal lands, it is the wild west, complete with Cowboys, Indians, and Outlaws. It is a beautiful place but also a place of conflict. Working with an NGO in this region requires building trust within the community I am excited to return again to do more work within the Miskito tribal lands.

Casino in Siuna

Airstrip in Sinua

Local watching the plane landing at Siuna airstrip

Man riding horse in El Empalme  
Horse along the road to Alamikamba

Traditional Miskito homes

Girl stretching after doing laundry along the banks of the Prinzapolca River

Boat operated by the NGO Harvest Initiative on the Prinzapolca River 

End of the Road

Horses run loose around the outskirts of Alamikamba

Boy hoping for work digging out stuck vehicles near Alamikamba 

Slowly being taken for parts

Women doing laundry along the banks of the Prinzapolca

Traditional Miskito dugout 

Downtown Alamikamba 
Remains of a forest recently harvested, likely illegally.

Well installed by NGO being tested in Llanos de Palmera

Traditional home in Llanos de Palmera

Government funded Aquabus project that sees little use along the Prinzapolca

Small cattle ranch

Boys swimming in the Prinzapolca outside of Alamikamba

The remains of yet another cleared section of forest

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