by Kathy Satterfield

Rodeo. Just the word alone conjures up visions of rough and tough cowboys, wild horses and bucking bulls.  But Rodeo is much more than that.  It’s more than a sporting event that tests the skills of cowboys and cowgirls.  Rodeo helps keep the Wild West American heritage alive, romanticized perhaps; but it does stir up a deep feeling and longing for days gone by.
Rodeos entertain crowds all over the world, drawing people from all walks of life. Each rodeo offers different attractions like livestock shows, clay shooting competitions, beauty pageants, mutton busting, concerts and other events.

The connection between man and the love of the land; ranching, riding, and roping, is stirred at a rodeo. It is inspiring to watch the competition between animal and man.  The discipline the cowboy and cowgirls have to overcome their fear, fear of riding fast, fear of falling off as you grab the steer horns, fear of getting your boot stuck in the stirrup as you leap from your horse to tie a calf, fear of 2,000 pounds of bull stepping on your back or leg…this is a dangerous sport.  These cowboys risk a lot to entertain the audience, even if the reward is great when you win.

You also see deep respect for the rodeo animals, be it horse, bull, calf or steer. I would go so far to say that the animals are pampered, and why shouldn’t they be? They work hard or should I say play hard for their keep.  The health and happiness of the animals is important not only for their owners but for the riders and audience.

Something you will see at the beginning of most Rodeos is the parade of athletes which are the cowboys and cowgirls riding in that day’s events, also the Rodeo Queen and her court and the singing of the National Anthem.  This is a proud group, proud to be Americans, although not all participations are Americans, proud of the cowboy/cowgirl way of life, proud for many to be people of faith and proud to represent their sport.

It’s a way of life that sticks with you even when you are no longer participating in rodeo events.  It has a way of working its way into your very being, attitudes, and beliefs.  A firm foundation for a good life and endeavor.

Original Cowgirl® Clothing is right there too. The rodeo, ranching, riding, roping mindset is embedded deep within each of us here at Red Barn Ranch. You’ll see it in our tees, tanks and thermals, and other products, each celebrating some aspect of the cowboy/cowgirl way of life.   Long live Rodeo, and the cowboys and cowgirls who keep it alive.

Happy Trails,

Kathy Satterfield
Co-Founder - RBR Inc.

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