5 Mocktails for your Summer Party

Batch cocktails are all the rage, but their virgin counterparts can be just as delicious and inviting.
When you need to serve a crowd, batch-style beverages are a fabulous way to create a drink menu that feels both special and personal.

Here are five we recommend for your next event.

Craft a Mocktail Menu

Having an afternoon event before a meeting? Consider creating an entire menu of options for your attendees that are a spin on classic cocktails, such as the No-quila Sunrise, Berry-Only Daiquiri, and Un-Brandy Alexander. Many of these can be prepared in large batches that are ready to pour when attendees arrive.

Do It with Style

There’s no reason you have to serve your tropical mocktails in traditional glassware. A fancy fresh fruit punch will seem even fancier when sipped from a fragrant pineapple.

Set Out a Tea Service

Tea served in highball glasses and garnished with citrus and cinnamon might actually be mistaken for a cocktail. It’s an eye-appealing twist on a midday beverage standard.

Create a Spa Experience

Add fruit and herbs to water—your attendees will be instantly refreshed and perhaps feel as if they’ve taken a little spa break between meeting sessions.

Go Traditional

Homemade lemonade is always a crowd pleaser—and it doesn’t need to be boring. You can spice it up with berry-flavored options. Also, think about honey sticks for sweetening and bright straws to add a pop of color.

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  1. These yummy mocktails looks so refreshing. These drinks are thirst quenching and perfect for summer season.I am definitely going to try it any time soon.