Shop Visit: Santa Fe Vintage

Santa Fe Vintage has a reputation for being the premier purveyor of vintage Americana apparel and accessories by those in the know. The appointment only showroom hosts celebrities, fashion designers, and vintage buyers who were willing to make the trek off the beaten path to see Scott Corey's incredible collection.

Thankfully Scott and his partner jewelry designer Julienne Barth have opened the Santa Fe Vintage Outpost in old town Santa Fe, just off the world famous plaza. This means everyone can now stop in and browse a curated selection of amazing vintage treasures without an appointment.

I first discovered Santa Fe Vintage at Rin Tanaka's Inspiration show and had been meaning to stop in and visit for years. On my recent trip across New Mexico,  I reached out and set up a time to stop by and take some photos.

Featuring an amazing selection of boots, jackets, jewelry, and more the Santa Fe Vintage Outpost is a stop you need to add to your visit to Santa Fe.

The Outpost
202 East Palace Avenue
Santa Fe, NM 87501

Julienne Barth Jewelry 

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