Baker, CA

I am in Las Vegas pretty often and not that long ago I wrote about the Royal Hawaiian Motel that is in the city of Baker. Well after spending the last week in Vegas for Magic Market Week I headed home the only way there is I-15 through Baker, on to Barstow, and then home to the Greater Los Angeles area. Even though I have passed through Baker hundreds of times but never got off the main street... until today.

As you would expect most of Baker is littered with abandoned buildings, old cars, and just general junk. A vacant Correctional Facility is at the north end of town... that closed a few years ago and like the Motel is for sale... other than the little strip where you can see the world's tallest thermometer and buy some Alien Jerky there is not much left in the town of Baker.

The Royal Hawaiian slowly decomposes on the south end of Baker

Datsun Z bake in the desert sun

Looks like Lone Star and Barf Crashed on Earth and ended up in Baker

A peek inside room 1 at the motel... looks like Hunter S. Thompson and Dr. Gonzo have been staying here

This Lexus broke down here two years ago... and the owner just left it.

Another shell 

A rusty T-Bird waits for someone to save it or crush it

Baker's Claim to Fame

Creeper Van

This sign is at the entrance to the abandoned prison

A gas station on the north end of town... just on the wrong side of the off ramp...

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