SLS Las Vegas: Modern Luxury

I am in Vegas a lot more than I would like to be, sometimes for a week or more at a time with events like Magic and the SEMA Show. So when a new hotel opens up I like to check it out, it gives me something new to see. The SLS has only been open since August so everything is still brand new and it is a major upgrade to the aging Sahara Hotel and Casino that it replaced. It is kind of sad that the Sahara is gone only because it was the location of the original Ocean's 11 film with the Rat Pack...but time marches on and I am sure Peter Lawford would feel right at home in the SLS.

If you are a fan of modern clean design you will love the SLS's industrial luxury feel, this can be seen from the open ceilings of the casino to the exposed concrete in many of the rooms. The clean industrial lines are often punctuated by a burst of color or art that is more old world or organic to balance out the spaces nicely. 

Location: If you are a Vegas veteran like me you know that the Sahara was on the north edge of the Strip, but for me it works well since it is close to the Las Vegas Convention Center where most of the events that I attend are held. For me the newness of exploring Las Vegas Blvd has worn off a long time ago so once I settle into a hotel I generally stay on the grounds during my down time.

If you are like me the SLS has everything you want from a great selection of restaurants to shopping at brands like Fred Segal, being a L.A. area native its like escaping to a self contained Los Angeles. The restaurants in house include Katsuya and Umami Burger & Beer Garden both So Cal staples.

I have found the best deal for the SLS is on or with prices as low as $45 a night (week night) its a lot of value for the money, but I have found that during a non-holiday weekend you can still get a room or under $80. Holidays and Big Event weekends prices can go up as high as the $180s.

For more information or to book check out their official website HERE for bookings I recommend or

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  1. Our events in New York could not have gone more smoothly. Huge thanks to the amazing managers for their consummate professionalism and outstanding hospitality. We look forward to many more years at this lovely place.

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