The Sunny Cowgirls

Celebrated, revered and multi-awarded country music duo THE SUNNY COWGIRLS are releasing their fifth studio album and the title unashamedly sums it all up, ‘WHAT WE DO’.

Country siblings, endearingly unaware of their allure and sex appeal deliver this new release true to their much loved sound. Sophie and Celeste Clabburn have traveled the country finding inspiration for their latest musical delivery and have captured the spirit of Australia for their fans in song.

Celebrating the Australian county life, THE SUNNY COWGIRLS nail it with WHAT WE DO.

From sheep shearing through to the outback sun, they proudly sing about their lives, part country music celebrities and when the hats are put away, part tractor drivers, dog trainers and roustabouts… you possibly won’t find a country act that lives the life more-so than THE SUNNY COWGIRLS, they write what they live, and make no apologies for it.
Sisters, THE SUNNY COWGIRLS continue to demonstrate through music their zest for fun, they don’t shy away from having a good time, penning hit songs about the experiences they have lived.

They've been heralded for their songs about the land in the past and WHAT WE DO continues to show an honest and real approach to song writing. Whether it’s farming and the Australian characters that have provided them with equal inspiration, their conflict between city business and country style or the parties and challenges they offer up… they tell it how it is.

Adding an extra dimension to the recording is the element that THE SUNNY COWGIRLS recorded the majority of the tracks in Nashville (USA). Whilst Aussie girls all the way, the new experience allowed the two to use the best session musicians available to ensure their music was played by the masters in the business for this release.

WHAT WE DO reaffirms THE SUNNY COWGIRLS as the voices of Australian rural youth. From the sounds and pictures painted in GREEN AND GOLD to party starting tracks like A GAME and ALL NIGHTER… WHAT WE DO offers the full gamut
What they create is unique, a country party and the national anthem all mixed into one, an album that invites you to celebrate the land they love mixed with tracks that tip their hat to the country and those that shape it.

THE SUNNY COWGIRLS show and bare their souls as always in each song, this is why they remain one of the most popular country music acts in Australia.

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