Road Trip: Team Mustang Girls

Courtney posing with her new 351W

If you follow the Bullrun you might recognize Courtney and her co-pilot Gina as the Team Mustang Girls from the last few events. Courtney has had her 1965 Ford Mustang for about 6 years and she has done just about all the work on it herself. In fact she has made cars her vocation after impressing a local shop owner that offered her a job. 

On the Bullrun Road

She got involved with the Bullrun car rally 3 years ago, the Bullrun it's a 3000 mile journey across USA, each year they pick a different route. Last year was Team Mustang's biggest journey, a  road trip from Los Angeles to Portland and back again, on top of that, the girls drove to and from the rally all the way from South Carolina, over 9,000 in just 18 days.

Courtney and Gina

Courtney welding the shock towers on her 65 Mustang

Courtney also just upgraded the Mustang's power plant with a 351 Windsor. She even modified the shock towers and headers herself to get it to fit properly. She painted the engine her signature magenta before putting it in. She will be showing her car at Mustang Week in Myrtle Beach, Rally North America and Sturgis Mustang Rally so look for her at those events.

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