Barrel Horse Training

By Craig Parish

Barrel horses are mostly stubborn, ringy, and they hardly listen to their riders. Because of this, many horse trainers have second thoughts in training them. If you were given a chance to train barrel horses, will you take up the challenge?

Well trained barrel horses have a cutting edge, ready to run barrels, and most especially, they have high energies. However, there is no reason for you to treat barrel horses like machines. Treating animals kindly is very important and there should be no room for cruelty.

You don’t need to train your horse to run barrels everyday. During the training, why don’t you try doing other things like trail rides? Taking your horse out for a ride, doing nothing and just having fun is an excellent training tool as well. By spending a fun time with your horse, your animal friend will be reassured that his life is not just about barrel racing; and that he can do fun things as well. This is another good way of using up your horses extra energy.

Consider putting yourself in your horse’s place. If you are required to work everyday, you will soon feel bored and exhausted. You will end up stressed out. The same thing happens to your horse. If you work him out everyday, he will eventually feel upset and uninterested.

During training, you need to train your horse to jump on the barrels. When you notice that your horse is tired, take him in front of the barrel and stop. Just stand and rest in front of the barrel. This gives your horse time to look around. He can explore the rest of the arena without actually running around. This breaks up the pattern of just running and jumping all day long.
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As a horse trainer, you should learn a lot about your horse. You need to treat him as a friend. Every day, when you go out training, make your horse feel that he’s still your friend; spend time together without actually working out the lessons.  

Before starting out the training sessions, make sure that you know a great deal about the barrel horses. You can read books, magazines, or other online resources. You must be aware that in order to become a good trainer, you must continue learning. By working with your horses, you will also learn a lot of things from him. Always keep in mind that horses should be treated kindly. You can’t get him to follow you by constant whipping or hitting. Being cruel to horses and other animals are punishable by law. As a trainer, you should have patience whether you’re handling your own horse or that of others. Make sure that the horse will not encounter any injury during the training sessions.

All the equipments you’ll need in barrel horse training should be ready. Make the environment an ideal place to learn for the horse. Bonding is usually the first step to training the horse. When your horse is already comfortable with you around, you can now introduce the lessons. Training your horse takes time and you need to invest a lot of energy, time, and effort. By being patient and determined, you can train your horse to become one of the best barrel horses ever.

Good luck with your training. Soon, you will see your horses competing in the various barrel events.

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