Dine Out: Dublin, Ireland

Dublin's Dame Street is known as the city's hub of food culture. You can find everything from traditional to exotic. If you are planing a trip to Dublin be sure to include Dame Street. Here are two of my favorite restaurants on Dame.


Toscana City Centre is one of the top rated restaurants on Dame, winning a number of awards, including "Best Restaurant" 6 years in a row. Popular with locals and tourists alike, it has a reputation for providing diners with a relaxed, yet sophisticated, ambiance. One of my favorite things about Toscana, is their farm program. The owners PJ and Dee Butuci renovated a old farm outside of town and use it to supply the restaurant with organic farm eggs, and nearly all of their organic fruits, vegetables, and herbs. You can taste the difference.

I had the Traditional Tuscan bean soup, with Bruschetta Con Pomodoro, it was a perfect lunch to give me the energy to explore Dublin the rest of the day. The pricing is right and the food is amazing.

After a day of touring dinner was sounding good, so I headed over to another Dame street favorite just a short walk from my hotel.


Millstone is known for  its traditional Irish menu, it is a great place to meet other tourists, it attacks travelers from all over the world, seeking a taste of authentic Irish flavor. To keep it simple you can order the "Irish Set Menu" in two or three course variety.

Having worked up quite an apatite traipsing  around the city I went with the Trio of Irish Lamb, it features loin of lamb, lamb chop and lamb belly with a mint sauce, roasted carrot,  parsnip, and crushed baby potatoes. For desert I selected their homemade Baileys/Chocolate chip cheesecake. They also have a great wine selection and the staff made some wonderful recommendations.

Full and feeling the first creeping vibes of a epic food-coma approaching I said good night to my hosts and made my way back to my hotel, to rest and map out my next day in Ireland. If you plan a trip to Dublin, make sure to check out their vibrant food culture on Dame street.