How to 'Dress' Country

Muddy boots and ripped jeans aren’t the only things a country girl wears. Believe it or not country girls like to dress up (when it doesn’t interfere with horse riding and mudding). If you’re looking for a girly country look with maximum comfort then you came to the right post.

Lots of girls wear dresses. For the country girl a regular dress simply won’t do. Country style blends that perfect balance of femininity and functionality. For spring and summer lightweight sundresses that can be worn with flats or given a little extra punch with boots are a staple of any country girl's wardrobe. The right dress can be at home around the campfire or for that trip to town. Focusing on simple patterns and timeless cuts means you can get season after season out of these dresses.

Think of these dresses as backdrops for you to accessorize, chunky jewelry, wraps, and boots. Adding layers, like wraps and leggings can extend your dresses well into fall. 

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