Meet the Happier Camper

We all have had those dreams of buying a vintage camper, lovingly restoring it and taking off across country. But unless you are Olivia Berg (Click Here) its likely you are not going to be moving into your classic trailer full time. As someone who restores classic cars and other odd vintage items, I can imagine what restoring a classic camper that has spent the last 40 years in the Antelope Valley must be like. But I ran across this company called Happier Camper and they have taken the hassle out of enjoying a vintage trailer. By building a brand new one and making it even better.

The rear of the camper has a massive hatch that allows you to not only take in the outdoors while enjoying your camper, but haul a motorcycle, kayak, or a host of other things. The modular reconfigurable interior allows you make the interior an empty box for hauling stuff or a comfortable lounge for relaxing.

The classic two tone paint, moon hub caps, and retro trim really give it the look and feel of a 50's camper; but with modern features like a built in solar panel and modern weight saving materials.

HC1 pricing starts at $15,950
You can learn more at

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