RRL Melrose Party

We had the opportunity to hang out at the RRL Melrose party last night. It was an amazing event with cool cars, motorcycles, and people Check out the photos below.

RRL is a clothing brand founded by Ralph Lauren, a fashion designer known for his preppy American style. RRL (double RL) is a sub-brand of Ralph Lauren that focuses on vintage-inspired, Western-themed clothing and accessories. The brand is known for its high-quality craftsmanship and attention to detail, and its products often have a rugged, vintage feel. RRL clothing is often made from premium materials such as denim, leather, and wool, and the brand offers a wide range of products including jeans, jackets, shirts, and accessories. RRL has retail stores in various locations around the world and its products are also available for purchase online.

The vintage Land Speed Racing theme was curated by Bobby Green of Old Crow Speed Shop

Paul Umbriaco wearing a sample of the upcoming Liberty Motor Wear/ M&P Speed Shop collaboration.

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