Featured Cowgirl: Bobbi Jeen Olson

by Mike Satterfield

Bobbi Jeen Olson practically grew up on the back of a horse, riding with her mom before she could even walk. So it is no wonder that she has made her living as a cowgirl. Better known as “The Arizona Cowgirl” Bobbi Jeen is an actor, model, and perhaps most interesting Stuntwoman.

She always wanted to be an actress, like many she started out as an extra but her talents behind the reigns and in front of the camera quickly landed her some key roles. The stunt work started out with Walker Texas Ranger (the episode where Walker goes back in time and plays a ranger in the 1800). Bobbi Jeen was a featured Saloon Girl and the stand in for Jamie Rose, when the director needed a stunt double for Jamie Rose, Bobbi Jeen quickly stepped up and told the director that she could do it. That impromptu performance as a stunt rider has allowed her to rob armored stage coaches, throw spears, drive “runaway wagons” and many more adventures.

Bobbi Jeen has worked on projects for CBS, Animal Planet, PBS and a number of other networks and film projects. But it’s not all glitz and glamour the life of a hard riding stuntwoman has its costs. “While jumping off a cliff for Animal Planets-I Shouldn't be Alive, I knew they hadn't brought the right bag yet I jumped anyways. The first jump the bag sucked me in and I couldn't roll out of it, hurting my ankle..the next jump got me good and I was rushed to the hospital. It took out 6 months before I was working, riding & roping again…We have those gut feelings-those little voices for a reason and when we do, we should listen!”

In addition to her work on film, you might recognize Bobbi from her print work in magazines promoting some of the top brands in the western world. Being one of the top requested western models in the county means that Bobbi Jeen has represented brands like; Cowgirl Kim, Country Life, Lone Eagle Studio, and Meredith Lockhart there is good chances you have see her work in countless regional and national publications.  Her love for the western lifestyle is her driving force. Promoting the western lifestyle through, acting, modeling, stunt work and TV hosting that promotes the values of the west has made her career more difficult, but it has its rewards. “Being able to  pick and choose the projects that will BEST represent who I am and the positive, inspirational, motivational message that I'm trying to convey; Stay true to yourself, be anything and everything you want to be, treat others the way you want to be treated, lead by example and Dream so big , if only half of it comes true, it's still amazing!”

Many industry insiders told Bobbi that sticking to her guns would mean she could never make it in the entertainment industry, but her long resume of film accomplishments and her upcoming roll in the feature film Deadly Sanctuary alongside Daniel Baldwin would suggest otherwise.

When she is not on the road Bobbi resides on her family ranch near Stanfield, Arizona, transitioning from fashion model to cowgirl. Once owned by legendary film star John Wayne the working ranch is Bobbi’s daily connection to the western way of life that she promotes in the hope to pass the values and heritage of the American Southwest on to the next generation. On any given day you may finder her working cattle at the ranch, speaking at local events, teaching youngsters the cowgirl/cowboy way of life, or riding off into the sunset on the silver screen. No matter where you know Bobbi Jean from you know she is living life the cowgirl way.

Connect with Bobbi Jeen at bobbijeen.com

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