Sisters on the Fly

      All across America women are finding new friends, new strength, and new adventures in vintage camping trailers one weekend at a time. I had been hearing about the "Sisters" for a long time and I wanted to find out more for myself. After a few calls and emails I was connected to Pam a sister since 2009 and the hostess of an upcoming event at the nearby Camp James on the Kern River.

Arriving up at the campsite it was easy to spot the section held by the Sisters. Vintage "Tear-Drop", "Caned Ham", and Airstreams made up the bulk of the ranks; each one with a curated collection of antiques and oddities that reflect the uniqueness of its owner. Many had their own wet bars and each had their "Sister Number" proudly on display, as a badge of honor.  Sisters are issued a number upon joining the club whose ranks have grown to over 4,000 members nationwide.

I strolled around and looked at all the beautiful trailers, a 1957 Westerner in red and grey restored by Sister Lorrie with the help of her husband sat near the water as did a 1951 Shasta in Turquoise and white owned by the camp hostess Pam. Each trailer truly was a personal piece of artwork. Some sisters had been adding to their collections for years and others it was their first trip and they had just started personalizing their campers.

The thing you instantly notice about these women is that they are truly a sisterhood, everyone I spoke to was excited to share their personal story about why they became a sister or why they love it. Like Sister Kerry Peck, who was just pulling into her first camp site as a sister with her 1964 Aristocrat Lil Lofer, a tiny 10ft camper. Kerry, who works in marketing, has lived in seven cities in the last few years for her job. “It’s hard to build those relationships with friends when you are on the road so much, but with Sisters on the Fly I have a group of women I can get plugged into where-ever I go” she said. Her eyes were welling up with tears as sisters whom she had never met started to come by to check on her and welcome her to the event.

Later that night the sisters would be celebrating "Cowgirl Prom" a fun night of Cowgirl Poetry, dressing up in gowns, wine, and fun with great friends. From women escaping their husbands and kids for a weekend to women starting over on their own, they each find that it’s easier with sisters.

The Sisterhood has just a few simple rules you must follow "No Men, No Kids, No Pets, and Be Nice" if you can abide by that you're welcome to join.

Sisters on the Fly luncheon 

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  1. This enclosed trailer looks amazing and colorful. I can remember my old days when i used to go out with my Motorbike Trailers. Thanks for sharing.