Texas Pete BLT

Texas Pete BLT

Well, I've heard it said that everything is bigger in Texas and I'm convinced that's true. Not only is everything bigger, but it seems that everything is also better. And this BLT is no exception. I was inspired to create an over the top, sassy and spicy sandwich, light enough to enjoy in the Texas heat, yet hearty enough to do Texas justice! This BLT is not your mom's BLT, oh no! This monster is lovingly sandwiched between two buttery pieces of Texas Toast and loaded with super spicy Texas Pete Bacon. The whole thing is topped off and studded with a tower of crispy Onion Rings just to balance it all out! These are sure to put a Texas sized smile on everyone's face!

What you'll need for one
Texas sized BLT:
1/2 lb of Bacon, or 6-8 slices
Frozen Onion Rings that have been defrosted and baked until crispy, approx. 6 per sandwich.
Approx. 1/4 cup of Texas Pete Hot Sauce
Texas Toast
Toast the Bread and set it aside.
Brush the raw Bacon with the Texas Pete and bake it in the oven on a rack over a sheet pan at 350; until it's crispy.
Layer the BLT with the Mayo, Bacon, Tomato, and Lettuce. Top it with a tower of crispy Onion Rings before serving!
Enjoy tantalizing those Texas Taste Buds!
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as seen in Cassidy Magazine summer 2013 issue

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