DIY: Little Boy's Room with a Colorful Cowboy Theme

When we were young kids, there were not a lot of options available to decorate our room and walls, especially with a specific theme, like a cowboy and western theme for boys or a fairy tale theme for girls.  But today's kids have a lot of options available now and they can be very fussy too, they know exactly what they want whether they have seen it in another child's bedroom or they have seen it in the mall or even in one of the many stores online.

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A new trend of decorating your child's room in an easy way without spending too much time is to use wall murals. Using wall murals to decorate rooms is increasingly getting popular due to its ease of use and it is a fun activity too. Boys love the cowboy wall murals as they love playing cowboy games and pretending to be cowboys. So, if you want to make your little boy really happy or just surprise him, one of the best ways to do that would be to design cowboy wall murals on the walls of his room.

It will be easier than you think to decorate your child's room with a cowboy and western theme. One of the first things to do is to buy bedding sets with cowboy themes in mind. You could also buy comforters and quilts with colorful images of horses, rodeo scenes, and cowboy hats. You could also get colorful throw cushions that coordinate with the comforter and quilts with various images of cowboy designs, blue denim fabric, prints of cows, a bit of leather material sewn into the fabric. Another thing you could do to make your child's room have a cowboy or western theme is to have Native American themes and designs with feathers and spears or any other features related to the Native American people.

After you have taken care of the bedding, comforters, and quilts all with cowboy designs on them, you should think of designing the floor with motifs that will coordinate with the bedding.  Carpets with earth tones like beige or tan with cowboy motifs that match the walls work best.

After all the bedding and carpets have been taken care of, the next step would be decorating the walls with cowboy wall murals which I think will be the easiest part. You can ask your little boy to help you design cowboy wall murals as they are very easy to use and it will help you bond with your child too as it is a creative activity and both of you will have a lot of fun too. There are many online stores selling various types of best-quality cowboy wall murals- they come in different designs and sizes and will most probably have western designs such as cowboys on horses, cowboy boots, saddles , cowboy hats, and horseshoes. You can choose the one best suited to your little boy's room according to the size of the room or the interiors of the room.

To summarize, nowadays there are lots of options available to decorate your child's room. You can find various kinds of wall murals online such as cowboy and western theme wall murals. They are easy to use and your little boy will love it. Check out more from Elephants on the Wall Murals 

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