Travel: The American South West in Winter

Photos by Michael Satterfield 

Rugged, Cold, and Amazing, photos from our drive across Colorado, New Mexico, and Arizona. We headed south from Denver taking the back highways avoiding interstates and discovering small towns, many nearly abandoned by their residents.  

Sun Rising over Southern Colorado

Speedway Garage in San Luis, New Mexico

San Francisco Peak

The Abandoned Arrow Motel in Espanola, NM

Highway 159 following the frozen Rio Grand River

Cattle in Frozen fields in Southern Colorado

Downtown Walsenburg, Colorado
A stretch of Interstate 25 that we could not avoid

Highway 160 Colorado

Wild Mustangs in Southern Colorado

Large Elk running across Highway 159 near the Colorado/New Mexico Boarder

A cold Highway 159

If you look close you can see the Elk sprinting through the sagebrush 

Forgotten Towns on lonely roads

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